My Memories Suite

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Listen, we know that sometimes, we don't have exactly the printable you're looking for.... We know. And that's okay. Because you can make what you need with My Memories Suite, our favorite digital scrapbooking software.

 First, you should know that it's the #1 Rated Digital Scrapbooking Software. The rating thing makes it sound scary, but it's not. It's the best software because it's easy, fun, versatile, and EASY. (We cannot stress enough how user friendly it is.) 

Second, you should know that My Memories Suite just released Version 7, which means that you have even MORE options. 

Thirdly, since you're reading a blog, we assume that you have some sort of social media/tech savvy life. Naturally, if you're going to spend the time making a printable or scrapbook, you're going to want to share it with 800 of your closest friends, so My Memories Suite even asks you if you want your creation web or print ready. That's a nice feature. 

There are about a hundred other reasons we love My Memories Suite, but we really think you should just trust us on this one. 

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Use code: STMMMS32407 to get $10 off your software purchase AND to receive a $10 coupon in your software good towards anything in the My Memories store. 

ALSO: we suggest copying and pasting the code to avoid typos. YOU'RE WELCOME IN ADVANCE.

  My Memories Suite


  1. I have this software and have tried to use it to make printables, but I'm not having much success. I thought I was fairly digi-savvy - but I guess not. Any suggestions or help you might give? I'm stumped and I've gone through the tutorial. I can't seem to get past making a scrapbook page to just doing fun printables like you do. Any help or suggestions you can give would be greatly appreciated!

  2. I was going to order this but maybe I'll hold off since you've had issues Korine and gotten no response... I'll wait and see....


  3. I have had this software for 8 months and love it!! I used to use Microsoft Publisher, but when I got my new Apple computer, I couldn't use that anymore. I did a lot of research, trying to find something I could use and came across My Memories Suite! I first downloaded the trial version, then bought the whole version! I LOVE IT! I make birthday printables for my kids and friends, school items, digital scrapbook pages, etc! I would definitely recommend it.