Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mickey Mouse Banner Freebie

mickey mouse birthday banner web copy

click to download

When I think Mickey, I think stars, and thus: a star inspired Mickey Mouse pennant banner.

Download as an 8.5x11 digital PDF. There is one page of spacers, so if you want extras, print that page a couple of times. Winking smile 

ALSO: If you’re going to be at the Story @ Home conference this weekend, find Melissa at her Green Jello with Carrots booth and say hello… but no touching. She doesn’t want your hug. Unless your name is Johnny Depp. (And we’re pretty sure he doesn’t read our blog…. OH THE SHAME)

ALSO also: tomorrow is my 10 year anniversary. Do you want to hear my cute engagement story? If 10 people say yes, I will share the mushy details.


  1. Thanks - too cute!

  2. So cute - and YES I want to hear the story

  3. yay, I'm number 10 and of course I want to hear your mushy story!

  4. okay wait - why did it say 9 comments? Does that mean I've commented 9 times on the blog? is the software that clever? :)

  5. The downloads are working for us... Try using a different internet browser, sometimes that's the problem. Thanks!

  6. Any suggestions on how to put the banner together?