Monday, January 9, 2012

Minnie Mouse Birthday Fry Box Printable

minnie mouse fry box copy

click to download

Are you guys ready for Minnie Mouse week? Because I am. Mouseka HEY, Mouseka HI, Mouseka HO. (I have lots of kids…. we like Disney….. just go with it.)

Click to download your Minnie Mouse inspired FRY boxes, that can hold lots more than just fries. Picture them holding crayons and a notepad, or a sparkly ring and bracelet, or cookies!

AND I want to remind you that if you use any of our printables (thanks, by the way, you guys rock) and you happen to take pictures, we would pink puffy sparkly heart LOVE to see them! Just email us at


Big thanks to Meredith Cardall for letting us her Such a Hoot kit!
SuchAHoot copy


  1. Hi

    Newbie to the site and was wondering if you have any of this with the MICKEY motiff (red, black, white and no bow) :)

  2. Well hello and welcome!

    And we are working on a male version of this, but it's not quite ready to debut yet. ;)

  3. Those designs are so cute and I am such a big fan of them.