Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kitchen: The Plan of Attack

I’ve been agonizing over my kitchen for more than a year, and I finally think I have an official plan of attack. I WAS going to paint the cabinets black, but I have decided that it’s not really “me”. (of course, I will probably change my mind 8 more times so WHO KNOWS!)

kitchen plan

1. Crown Moulding: I am going to add some HEIGHT to the upper cabinets with some 1x6’s and some crown moulding ala The Lettered Cottage.


2. Paint! The upper cabinets will be painted a soft white.

3. MORE PAINT! And the lower cabinets will be going gray.

4. MORE PAINT AGAIN! AND TRIM! I am thinking that the kitchen island should be an aqua/robins egg soft blue. Or a light apple-y green. Or if I paint the accent wall, then it will just the same gray as the other lower cabinets. (aack! Do you see what I mean? Too many options people.)

5. New Countertops: Nothing too fancy here, because the budget won’t allow. But I’m thinking a new laminate that isn’t stark white is in order… Possibly with a butcher block top for the island.

6. More Paint! And possibly a tiled backsplash, but for now, I just have to get rid of the yellow. {shudder}


  1. I like your colors -- having the island a different color that pops will look so good. Either robin's egg blue or apple green would look terrific.

    What shade of gray are you considering for the lower cabinets?

  2. The same gray that's in my foyer. It's called Woodlawn Colonial Gray by Valspar.

  3. The advantage to him is that he gets a new counter top and gets help paying for it. The obvious advantage to you is that it will cost you less to repair the damage you caused. All is not lost though. You get to live in a place with a new kitchen countertops.

  4. Just curious if you've finished this? I'd love to see pictures. (I'm thinking about doing this to my kitchen as well and adding beadboard to the cabinet centers and island. (

  5. Of COURSE I haven't! I haven't even 100% decided that this is what I want to do. I think I changed my mind. sigh. I am SO productive. ;)

  6. What did you end up doing? You inspired me! Let me see!

  7. We ended up MOVING of course, so I didn't get to do anything!